In 1997, the government established Local Drug Task Forces (LDTF’s) which were later renamed Drug and Alcohol Task Forces (DATF) as an area-based policy response to the dual concentration of problem drug use (at that time mainly injecting heroin use) and poverty and social exclusion.

The Clondalkin Drug and Alcohol Task Force (CDATF) was one of fourteen task forces set up at that time, replicating the model of community-led interagency partnerships that had developed in many areas of the city overwhelmed by epidemic levels of heroin use among its young people.

Since then the Clondalkin Drug and Alcohol Task Force (CDATF) has worked to reduce drug-related harms to individuals, families and communities by working in partnership with key stakeholders in the community, voluntary and statutory sectors on the coordination and delivery of services.

In order to achieve its goals, the Task Force relies on the work of community, voluntary and statutory agencies who give of their time and commitment to participating in the CDATF board and sub-groups, representing and highlighting the needs of those impacted by drug and alcohol misuse, identifying appropriate responses, influencing decision making at local and national level and making recommendations regarding the allocation of resources.

Currently, eight organisations are funded through the CDATF to deliver ongoing activities and interventions along the continuum of care of targeted prevention, family support, treatment, rehabilitation, supply reduction and coordination.

Our Community

In our Community section you can find out about the History of Clondalkin, Early Demographic Profile, Emergence of Opiate Use and Community Response, our Catchment Area and Strategy Response.

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Our Aims

Our mission is to re-establish and strengthen the role of the community in tackling the causes and consequences of drug and alcohol misuse facilitate the re-establishment of meaningful and effective partnerships; and support the development of a holistic approach to dealing with both the causes and consequences of drug and alcohol misuse in the CDATF area. Click below for more info on our values and goals.

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Our Organisation

In our Organisation section you can find out more about our team and view details on our organisational structure. Click on the button below to find out more.

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We provide a variety of training programmes around addiction, drug and alcohol support to schools, community workers and healthcare professionals.

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