Family Support Services Available

A number of family and child support services are provided through the CDATF local drugs strategy.  These are provided through local community addiction projects.  Further details can be accessed by clicking on the tabs below.

  • CASP Family Support

    CASP Family Support prioritises the needs of family members within the community that have been affected by a family members substance misuse. They aim to bring families out of isolation, to support family members to improve family relations, reduce stress and respond to needs. They encourage and support self-care, self-esteem and developing new coping skills through supporting the family as a whole and liaising with other relevant services in the area.

  • Clondalkin Tus Nua

    Clondalkin Tus Nua has a family support worker who works with all family members including parents, siblings, partners, and grandparents. They aim to support any family members affected through the process of addiction and the erosion of the family unit that addiction can cause. Through one-to-one work, the family support worker can assess and identify the needs of individual family members to develop a care plan to and implement supports needed. Family support groups foster peer support within the community which develop support networks and friendships which minimise isolation and self-blame which are extremely common in families affected by addiction.

  • Neart le Cheile

    Neart Le Chéile (Strength Together) is a community-based organisation which provides a family support service called Cumas which works to support children and other family members who experience addiction within their families. Their aim is to promote equality by creating and facilitating supportive services which build the capacities of families and individuals to make changes to their lives and circumstances in a way which addresses and reduces the negative consequences arising from the use of drugs.

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